Andrew Small and Jared Raskind met years ago at the International Log Rolling Championship in Alaska. The two struck a bond with one another after finishing in last and second to last place. After such a disappointing finish the two lost souls decided that they were better suited for more creative endeavors. Which brings us to the present…

 As photographers and directors the team of Smallz + Raskind strive to capture impactful thought provoking moments that take place in the rhythm of life. Throughout the years they have found that putting their minds together during the creative process cultivates a unique and exciting experience which allows their shared vision to come to light. In other words, they have found that two heads really are better than one.

 Smallz + Raskind are quite fond of adventure, are always up for a good time, and have an equal enthusiasm for helping our fellow humans. They are passionate about getting involved with many local and global charities and Non-profits and are honored to support the following organizations: